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    Authentic Jerseys vs. Replica Jerseys — Decisions, Decisions

    Ah, the buzz. You know, that feeling you get when the season grows near and your favorite team inches ever closer to taking the field for the first time. You’ve got to get ready, so you take a look in your closet and, ick, there’s the ratted old jersey from last year; torn, stained, and emblazoned with the name and number of that bum who signed for more money elsewhere. Time to head to the store and grab something new. But do you go with an authentic jersey or a replica jersey? It all depends on what you’re looking for.

    Though they may look similar from afar, there are big differences between authentic jerseys and replica jerseys, the most important to most shoppers being price. Authentic jerseys can go for upwards of $200-$300, while most replica jerseys are priced under $100. Why? It’s all in the details.

    While replica jerseys feature screen printed names and numbers, authentic jerseys always feature embroidered lettering. Also, authentic jerseys are often reinforced with double shoulders and double elbows to withstand the wear and tear of a professional game, while replicas are comprised of look-alike—but not nearly as durable—polyester weave mesh.

    Also, while replica jerseys may not always match precise team colors, authentic jerseys always do. In short, authentic jerseys are the exact product that professional players wear during games.

    So, which way do you go? Authentic or replica? It’s a personal choice, really. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, fun way to support your team; a replica jersey might be the choice for you. But serious collectors and those wishing to make a fashion statement may want to go with the real thing. Authentic jerseys also have a much higher resale value, especially when framed and autographed.

    If you do decide to go authentic, make sure the jersey you’re buying is an officially licensed product with verified authenticity. A reputable supplier like Mounted Memories, Steiner Sports, Tri-Star Productions, Ironclad Authentics and UDA (Upper Deck Authenticated) will usually supply third-party authentication.


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